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Qidi Brand Overview

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Qidi Technologies, often referred to as Qidi Tech or just as Qidi, offers a range of mid-priced to high-priced printers. These devices are considered “prosumer” level, striking a balance between high-end consumer devices and professional-grade printers. Qidi’s offerings are particularly appealing to users who seek quality and performance beyond basic printers but aren’t ready for the investment required for industrial-grade equipment.

Getting Started Experience

Qidi printers are known for their beginner-friendly nature. They come enclosed, which helps in reducing noise and fumes, making them safer and more comfortable for various environments. The printers feature easy-to-use touchscreens and come supplied with user-friendly slicing software, adding to their appeal for beginners.

Support and Online Community

While Qidi’s community is smaller compared to some of its competitors, it’s active and growing. The official Facebook groups have a combined membership of around 7,700, and there’s an unofficial subreddit with a modest following. Qidi’s reputation for excellent support, especially highlighted in customer reviews on Amazon, is a testament to their commitment to user satisfaction.

Brand Reputation and Products

Qidi is recognized for its fully enclosed printers that were among the first to use spring steel detachable metal beds. Their printers are suitable for dual extrusion and optimized for challenging materials like ABS, polycarbonate, and carbon fiber. However, some users have noted that competitors offer similar features at lower prices, and there are concerns about Qidi’s use of proprietary parts and lack of open-source compatibility.

Type of User

Qidi printers are an ideal choice for users ranging from intermediate to advanced levels, especially those who prioritize reliable performance. They cater to those seeking specific features such as dual extrusion or the ability to print with specialized materials.

Pros and Cons of Qidi


  • Renowned for high build quality and performance.
  • Capable of printing a variety of difficult materials, including those optimized for carbon fiber.


  • Tend to be more expensive compared to some competitors.
  • Limited in terms of upgradeability due to the use of proprietary parts.

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