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Sovol Brand Overview

Mark Lanctot

Brand At a Glance

Year Founded 2019
Category Midrange
Country of Origin China
Size of Online Community Small
Manufacturer Support Limited
Availability of Parts Available from manufacturer only

Sovol is a manufacturer of low- to mid-budget 3D printers, known for offering more features than their competitors at lower prices. The brand focuses on well-made budget machines, some with unique features for their price range. Located in Shenzhen, China, Sovol produced filament, accessories, and parts for several years before introducing its first 3D printer, the SV01, in 2019.

Getting Started Experience

Sovol 3D printers generally do not have the quality issues seen in some other budget manufacturers, making it easier for beginners to start without having to diagnose issues and install upgraded parts immediately. However, their entry-level printer, the SV01, does not have automatic bed leveling, which can be a very helpful for beginners to reliably achieve good prints.

Support and Online Community

The Sovol community is relatively small compared to its competitors, given that their printers were only introduced four years ago. The company maintains an official support forum, which is slightly more active than the Creality forum but still sees little traffic. Their Facebook page has over 80,000 followers.

Recommended Sovol 3D Printers

Sovol offers a variety of 3D printers, including the SV01 (Classic), their first printer, which is a Creality Ender 3 clone with more features and a lower price. It features a larger build area, direct-drive extruder, and dual Z-axis stepper motors and lead screws.


Price Range:

Sovol’s flagship printer, SV06 Plus, is a Prusa i3 MK3S+ clone with a larger build area, tubular steel rails on all axes, and a planetary gear all-metal direct-drive extruder.


Price Range:

Type of User

Sovol’s diverse range of 3D printers appeals to different users. The SV01 is recommended for new users wanting to save on costs while taking advantage of compatiblity with Creality parts. The SV04 offers dual extrusion on a budget for intermediate users. The SV06 and SV06 Plus are suitable for advanced users seeking Prusa i3 MK3S+ features but with a limited budget.

Pros and Cons of Sovol


  • Good quality, innovative printers at a low price
  • Diverse range of 3D printers catering to different user types and skill levels


  • Sovol’s experimentation with complex dual extrusion has led to issues with the discontinued SV02 and some poor reviews for the SV04
  • The SV03, which had firmware and quality issues, has also been discontinued
  • Relatively small online community compared to competitors, which could affect user support and resource availability
  • The entry-level printer, SV01, lacks an automatic bed leveling system, making it less beginner-friendly than competing options

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