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Voxelab Brand Overview

Mark Lanctot

Brand At a Glance

Year Founded 2020
Category Budget
Country of Origin China
Size of Online Community Moderate
Manufacturer Support Good
Availability of Parts Widely available

Voxelab is a consumer-oriented sub-brand of Flashforge, known for producing budget Creality Ender 3 clones. With prices lower than Creality for 3D printers with equivalent features, Voxelab has become a popular choice among beginners.

Getting Started Experience

Voxelab’s 3D printers are designed for beginners, offering adequate quality to most users. However, a few reviews mention poor quality control, which could be a risk for a beginner who may not be comfortable with printer repairs.

Support and Online Community

Although not as well-established as Creality, Voxelab’s user base is growing rapidly due to its competitive pricing and wide availability. The company maintains an official User Group on Facebook with 15,700 members and an unofficial Reddit with 7,900 members.

Recommended Voxelab 3D Printers

Voxelab’s best-known Aquila printers are Creality Ender 3 clones. The lowest cost Aquila model is the Aquila C2, with a relatively basic set of features including a 220 x 220 x 250mm print area, Bowden extruder, and monochrome LCD display.


Price Range:

The best-equipped Aquila printer is the Aquila D1, which includes premium features like an all-metal dual gear direct-driver extruder, magnetic PEI-coated spring steel build surface, and 25-point automatic bed leveling system.


Price Range:

Type of User

Voxelab printers are recommended for new users with a desire to upgrade and learn, as some printer components may need to be upgraded or replaced. The money saved over a more estbalished brand such as Creality can pay for upgraded components, should they be necessary.

Pros and Cons of Voxelab


  • More features than Creality’s equivalent 3D printers at lower prices
  • Responsive and generous manufacturer support


  • Some components are poor quality due to cost-cutting measures, such as the all-plastic extruder on the lower-end models, inconsistent mainboards, and occasional complaints about adhesion on the carborundum-coated glass build surface
  • Voxelab has faced difficulties in sourcing controllers for their printer mainboards, resulting in three different controllers requiring different firmware, which can be confusing for consumers

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