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FLSun Q5

Year Released:
Build Volume:
200 x 200 x 200 mm (~8 x 8 x 8 in)
Price Range:
$250 - 275

About the FLSun Q5

The FLSun Q5 3D Printer is a budget-friendly, compact, and efficient desktop 3D printing solution that packs numerous features into its sleek design. This printer stands out for its quick assembly process, relatively large print area of 200 x 200 mm, 27-point auto-leveling, Titan extruder clone with a Bowden-style filament feeding system and V6 Lite style hotend on the effector, where the Bowden tube reaches all the way to the nozzle. The FLSun Q5 boasts a delta-style architecture and color touchscreen interface, providing a unique and aesthetically pleasing design while also contributing to its fast (120 mm/s) and precise printing capabilities. The FLSUN Q5 uses a compact 24V power supply, which is located in the center. The Makerbase Robin Nano V1.2 uses a 32bit ARM microcontroller and has four replaceable stepper motor drivers. There is no filament runout sensor and the cooling fan can be noisy, and would probably be the first upgrade to make the machine more pleasant to use. The drag of the filament in the Bowden tube can be quite high causing the feeder to struggle, leading to potential under-extrusions. Overall, the FLSun Q5 offers a combination of user-friendly features, a compact footprint, and reliable performance, making it a suitable choice for both beginners and experienced 3D printing enthusiasts.

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Benefits of the FLSun Q5

Auto bed leveling - auto bed leveling will ensure your prints have perfect first layers every time and greatly reduce issues with bed adhesion. When using an auto-leveling system, the probe allows better tolerances for slightly warped print beds by measuring and compensating for any inconsistencies. Without this feature, you'll need to adjust the bed level manually using nuts on each corner of the print bed.

Has touch screen - having a touch screen isn't a deal-maker or breaker, but it is a convenient feature that makes it easier to navigate the interface when you are printing files and configuring 3D printing settings.

Easy to assemble - This 3D printer is shipped with most of the parts pre-assembled, and you will only need to attach a few components and connect a couple cables in order to get the machine ready to print.

Carborundum glass bed provides good adhesion and easy removal - Carborundum glass is a great build surface that provides good adhesion while heated, but parts can be removed easily once it cools. The surface finish is not quite as smooth as borosilicate glass, but the superior adhesion without any hairspray more than compensates. With a carborundum bed, you wont need to use any additional adhesives like hairspray, but it is important that you clean the bed with a damp cloth after every 5-10 prints to maintain the adhesion.

Affordable - This printer does not include a lot of frills, but offers a good experience for a low price point. While this low price means you won't be getting the most premium features, you can still get a lot out of these machines if you are willing to put up with some missing quality of life features.

Dual gear extruder - A dual gear extruder grips filament from both sides and can exert much more force on the filament before slipping. It helps with all filaments but especially with flexible, slippery TPU.

Where to buy the FLSun Q5

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Brand Summary: FLSun

FLsun is recognized in the 3D printing market for creating affordable printers that are accessible to a wide audience, from beginners to more advanced users. A distinctive aspect of FLsun's lineup is their focus on Delta printers, which are known for their speed and efficiency. Delta printers, characterized by their unique triangular structure, allow for faster print speeds compared to traditional Cartesian printers. This design can enhance print quality for certain types of projects but may also present a steeper learning curve due to their distinct calibration and maintenance requirements. Despite the advantages of speed and user-friendly assembly that FLsun printers offer, users might face challenges with noise during operation and navigating customer support or finding replacement parts. These issues point to areas where FLsun could improve to enhance user satisfaction. Overall, FLsun's commitment to Delta printers showcases their innovative approach in the 3D printing industry, making advanced printing technologies more accessible. However, the balance between affordability, performance, and after-sales support remains a crucial factor for potential users to consider.

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Details & Specifications


Year Released
Scale Model:
Build Volume
200 x 200 x 200 mm
Bed Material
Carborundum Glass
Nominal Maximum Speed
120 mm/s

Extruder & Hot-end

Extruder Type
Extruder Construction
All-Metal Dual Gear
Hot-end Construction
Cooling Fan
Single side mount

Physical Characteristics

Physical size
330 x 290 x 710 mm
Open enclosure


Auto Leveling
Touch Probe
Assembly Time
🔧🔧 30 Minutes
User Interface
Full Color Touch Screen
Built In WiFi Support
Other Features


Base Voltage
24 V
Quiet Motor Drivers

Where to Buy


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